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Angular Expanders 4.3.0

· 2 min read
Jan Hardy
Jan Hardy
R&D Engineer

Changes and improvements

This update contains a lot of improvements for wiring capabilities, making it easier to reuse expanded elements in custom pages.

List page refactored

The expanded list page has been updated to use the new table with multi sort capabilities. The table is extracted from the page component and resides in its separate DataViewTable component. It now uses the upgraded filter component, that is generated based on the QuerySearch setup. Filtering state between the ngx-ns-core component and the generated dropdown form is managed by the new DataConnectorFilterSource service. Instead of managing the pagination, filtering and sorting manually in the list component, a DataConnectorDataSource service has been introduced to make this easier.

Table refactored

Breaking change: Existing components nsx-table, nsx-table-column and directive [nsxTableCell] have been replaced with counterparts from the ngx-ns-core library.

The table now has multi sort capabilities, supports sticky headers and columns, and accepts a NscDataSource as well as data arrays.

Paginator refactored

Breaking change: Existing component nsx-paginator has been replaced with counterpart from the ngx-ns-core library.

Filter refactored

Breaking change: Existing component nsx-table-search has been replaced with counterpart from the ngx-ns-core library. The filtering capabilities have been upgraded.

Migration guide

Replacement of components to ngx-ns-core components

Most of the removed components prefixed with nsx can be easily refactored using a string replace to nsc. The import needs to be updated as well. Some extra tips:

  • Paginator: page input attribute has been replaced with paginator. This also reflects in the output event emitter, now named paginatorChange.
  • Table: data input attribute has been renamed to dataSource. It still accepts a data array, but now also accepts a NscDataSource.
  • Filter: DataConnectorFilters.ts does not include name or functionalKey field anymore, it is now based on QueryFilterFields. nsx-table-search has been deleted. This can be replaced with the more capable nsc-filter component.

Table does not show all fields anymore

The generated table component does not show all fields anymore out-of-the-box. It only displays Fields that have the option angular.isTableColumn. Previous behaviour can be achieved by using the supplied transmutation AddDefaultAngularTableDataElement.