Using Expansion-resources in PR

Expansion-resources (or expander bundles) are jars with additional expanders, features or other data the expanders can use to generate additional files or add additional code to existing artifacts.

These expansion resources often encapsulate a new concern, e.g. the rest-expanders generate classes which will expose a REST interface based on JaxRS.

New Expansion Control dashboard

In version 2020.2.0 of the Prime Radiant, it will be possible to add expansion-resources to an applicationInstance and to then use them during expansion.

The applicationInstance page has been replaced with the (very similar) expansion/control page. The links throughout the application have been updated:

dashboard link

However, you might still notice the different url being used /primeRadiant/expansionControl/expansion/control instead of /primeRadiant/elements/applicationInstance/all.

The /primeRadiant/elements/applicationInstance/all is still available for this version, should any problems arise.

Expansion Resources

On the expansion control page, you will find an Expansion Resources tab. In this tab, there is a list of all expansion-resources and an input field to add new expansion resource:

expansion resource 0

If the expansion resource does not exist yet, the PR will ask whether you wish to add it to the database. If confirmed, the expansion-resource will be added and stored to use in the future.

expansion resource 1

expansion resource 2