Update to Jekyll

The documentation has been updated to use Jekyll as documentation engine.

There were several reasons to change:

  • Gitbook was no longer being developed
  • The build was starting to get slow because the gitbook build does not scale well
  • Each new article needed to be added manually to the SUMMARY file, which also introduces issues with scalability.

Jekyll is based on Ruby. So if you wish to build it locally you will have to install Ruby (follow instructions on Jekyll website).

We are using a variant on the Docsy Theme.

There are a few differences with Gitbook:

  • There is no SUMMARY file that needs to be kept in sync. Just drop your article in the _docs directory (and preferably link to it from another page).
  • The root articles for a directory are named index.md instead of README.md.
  • Absolute links need to be prefixed with ``
  • Links should point to the url, not the .md file